• Pesticide-solvent complex ester

    Agricultural soluble complex ester is light yellow transparent oily liquid with the fragrance of natural plant oil. Not solidified at room temperature, insoluble in water, miscible with organic solvents, easy to emulsify, readily biodegradable, widely used in insecticide, fungicide, herbicide (nicosulfuron, etc.) suspended preparation products.

    Agricultural soluble complex ester has high boiling point and flash point, is a non-dangerous goods. It is safe in storage and transportation, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

    Technical index: 
    Specific gravity (20°C): 0.870-0.890
    Acid value(mgKOH/g): 2.0max
    Moisture (%): 0.1max
    Appearance: Light yellow transparent oily liquid with slight fragrance at room temperature

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